Congratulations To Our Athletes That Performed Exceptionally This Past Season

Perez Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services for orthopedic and sports injuries. We also provide performance enhancement and injury prevention training programs for athletes in all sports.

With over 25 years of professional experience, including 15 years in Major League Baseball with the NY Yankees, our programs have proven successful over the long term at the highest levels.

We specialize in the young athlete from middle school to professional and have helped place numerous athletes in high level (D1) colleges and the professional ranks. Our athletes consistently out-perform their peers and do so with minimal injuries.

Our state-of-the-art facility affords us access to Vision Sports Club allowing us the use of 90’ of indoor turf. This enables us to assess and enhance running, throwing and hitting performance.

We've Moved!

Still located in Vision Sports Club, we have moved into our permanent space. Our new facility is much larger and better equipped. It is located adjacent to the new Vision Sports Performance Academy. We continue to have access to the latest strength and cardio equipment in addition to 90' of indoor turf for running, agility drills, throwing and hitting.

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Chien-Ming Wang
Chien-Ming Wang, MLB pitcher, in Taiwan
Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy, MLB pitcher with SD Padres @ CitiField
Bryan Perlmutter
Bryan Perlmutter, winner of Rawlings National Junior College Gold Glove
Hideki Matsui
Hideki Matsui, 2009 World Series, MVP